Anita Begnaud

DDA + Keaty Real Estate | Skate Park

Parc San Souci has had some cool features added recently, and it’s bringing The Lafayette Skater community together! With the help of Ruckus, DDA has invested in features for skaters to utilize when other events aren’t being held. Next time you are downtown, stop by and check out all of the awesome skater action! To…

DDA + Keaty Real Estate | Residential Development Part 2

Jim & Anita continue on the topic of Residential Development in Downtown Lafayette. E.J. Krampe, a Serial Entrepreneur, joins the conversation as he is in the midst of a major renovation project that has been a long time coming: The Federal Court House Building. To find out more visit: #downtowndevelopmentauthority #DDA #KeatyRealEstate #Always110

DDA + Keaty Real Estate | New Bike Racks

Take a bicycle ride in beautiful Downtown Lafayette, and you will find new places to park your bike, and enjoy everything downtown has to offer with ease! To find out more visit: — To find out more about buying & selling Real Estate in Acadiana visit: Follow us on social media: @keatyrealestate Contact…

DDA + Keaty Real Estate | New Business

Downtown Lafayette is not slowing down anytime soon! 10 new businesses opened in the last year during a government shutdown, and it’s safe to say that this shows no sign of stopping. Jim Keaty recently sat down with Anita Begnaud where they discussed some of these newest additions. To find out more about what else…

DDA + Keaty Real Estate | Art Around Every Corner

Have you noticed all of the new art around downtown Lafayette? Join Jim Keaty and Anita Begnaud as they discuss all the wonderful things about this city that make it so beautiful, such as its artistic flair. They go on to talk about how Downtown Development Authority has been working hard to maintain a place…

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